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Nick Hodson

Paul Ratcliffe

The long journey

During his 35 years of working in Psychiatry, Nick finally realized a 30 year fantasy of becoming one with the green  oval in the guise of a Land Rover Defender. 

Over the last 5 years Nick has mindfully and compassionately developed “Lola” his Defender TD5i into a near expedition ready vehicle despite several set backs one of which involving drowning her on a recent off road play session. His latest mad addition being a Webasto heating system for both Lola and his Armadillo 1.4+ Rooftent for 
those slightly cooler periods and places and an off road trailer built from the ground up. An enthusiastic learner he continually strives to increase his knowledge of all things Land Rover and Expedition, not bad for a shrink!

Nick became involved with Armadillo4x4 some years ago when he turned up at a show bearing a folder of researched, assessed, and evaluated information and ratings of every roof tent on the market, which he had compiled in order to inform his purchasing decision, (Nick likes the strategic planning approach).

He then boldly asked us if we knew we'd designed and produced the best quality and Value for money roof tent on the market and could he have one and join the ‘ARMI’. (Something we were well aware of but always nice to be told). So a friendship developed and his helping hand and critical commentary of all forms of expedition equipment and the scene continued for the next few years, in fact Nick became such a vital and familiar member of the team at shows and events that he joined us as a director of our now Ltd company

Nick is now a fully paid up member of the Armadillo team and is totally committed in our shared desire to produce and continually develop as excellent a product as possible, whilst ensuring the price remains affordable and justifiable especially for families where large investments need assurance and confidence in both product and company. 

As an aside and as an added advantage to the rest of us he has a small brewery in a tree house? less useful to Armadillo is his affection for keeping rare breed chickens, and his passion for lizards, food and cooking (not his own chickens or lizards we might add).

An old fashioned bloke Nick loves nothing more than a group of like-minded folk sat around a camp fire surrounded by nature and roof mounted Armadillos toasting the value of life, if you come to any of the shows seek us out and he will demonstrate this with consummate ease.

Paul Ratcliffe

Paul Ratcliffe

Paul’s an M&E Engineer in the Water Industry and his work’s taken him all over the world as far east as Hong Kong and as far west as the Falkland Islands, he’s worked in most countries in Africa and most of Europe and on every occasion Land Rovers have played a part in transporting him from place to place.

Born 18th September 1961 he was first introduced to Land Rovers at the age of 15 by a neighbour, this neighbour owned two 86” series one Safaris and Paul spent many weekends away with the Pennine Land Rover club on a variety of Trials and Safaris.

With work Paul’s driven nearly every version of the Land Rover and is presently the owner of a 1955 86” series 1 called Mervin and his work horse Tallulah a
2006 Discovery 3.

When Paul’s not working or developing and testing new products for Armadillo he lives at home with his wife Pauline, their three daughters, Emily, Libby, Maisie and Molly the dog.

Paul has covered over 150k miles in Tallulah down into Africa and as far east as Tbilisi in Georgia, in 2010 he took his Discovery on a 15000km round trip to Armenia to work on an aid project helping the Armenian Government improve their irrigation system, he took the opportunity to fly his two eldest daughters over to share his return trip giving them the chance to experience 14 different countries both Asian and European and all of their customs and cultures.

Paul's Land Rover aspirations are simple, to have sufficient money to keep ahead of any repairs needed to be done on an ever ageing discovery 3 and to be allowed the time to complete the rebuild on his series 1 a seemingly endless task!

Both Nick and Paul are committed to Armadillo4x4s ethos of providing the best possible quality at affordable prices and they continue to develop the Armadillo range through considerate design, sourcing and testing.

The Armadillo4x4 team aim to bring the experience of long distance expeditions into the pockets of the majority of 4x4 owners and be of assistance in any way possible in providing the help and guidance needed by both novice and experienced drivers.

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