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Armadillo Shell 270 Awning


Armadillo4x4 Roof Awning The 270 shell awning is a must for anyone embarking on an expedition, the shell is adaptable, offering simple shade for that trailside break or in its complete form it transforms into a living space like no other.

The Shell fixes to the side of your vehicle and when deployed swings out and around to cover 270deg, this gives effective cover to the side and to the rear tailgate access of the vehicle and provides a massive coverage of up to 12.5m2.

The shell on its own comes complete with 4 lightweight adjustable aluminium poles and a set of guy ropes and pegs to ensure it sits securely in place once deployed. It’s constructed from an all aluminium chassis, 280grm Rip stop cotton and all our hinges are made of cast aluminium and not plastic for added strength.

Attention to detail We at Armadillo fell in love with the shell, as a sun awning its benefits were obvious, on the hot days in the Algerian desert it provided shade from the relentless sun and as night fell it became obvious that it also help retain some of the heat as the cold crept in.

A good all round awning!

But why should it stop there?

We set about designing side walls and came up with four individual walls, some of these walls are fitted with doorways all complete with mosquito screens. In addition to the external walls we designed a further wrap around wall which fits along the side and rear of your vehicle and provides access to both the side and the rear doors, each of these sides simply zip onto the outer edge of the awning.

Our 2016 range also have our unique ‘encapsulation’ system to attach to the vertical poles, this system utilises two opposing Velcro strips fitted to each vertical side of a wall, if the user wishes to utilise a wall as a wind break then he simply wraps the wall around the vertical poles and Velcros it back on itself, this effectively encapsulating the whole height of the pole.

If assembling the whole room then the two Velcro strips align with opposing strips on the adjoining wall and encapsulate the vertical poles within the whole wall structure. This system means that the structure has a very high degree of rigidity and is able to withstand heavy rain and high winds without detriment. As a final measure each wall is fitted with ‘D’ rings allowing the user to peg everything down for even greater strength, this means that where you place your 270 is where it stays. The heavy duty ground sheet finishes the design and provides a completely sealed living space.

A further innovation with our 2016 modular range is that now the 270 Shell awning extends out sideways to accommodate its attachment to our Armadillo+ range of tents. The awning is now fitted with an additional doorway which in turn aligns with the side door on any Armadillo+ Tent Annex, this permits access to the sleeping quarters from inside the 270 Shell thereby providing complete cover away from all elements.

270 Shell Connecting to the Armadillo+                 Tent Annex  Access Door

In addition, the 2016 Modular 270 Shell now has an internal partition wall which sections of part of the vast living space to form a second bedroom large enough to accommodate two adults, this is accessed through a single internal door.
 Internal Partition Wall

When not in use the shell and poles simply fold away into the 1000g heavy duty PVC waterproof and rot proof housing, securely held in place with Velcro straps, heavy duty dual directional zip and external tensioning straps, when stowed the shell is a mere 2.5m x 0.15m x 0.15m is size and comes complete with a universal fitting kit.

The room and its poles pack away into their own canvas back for storage within your vehicle or on your room rack.

Packs on to your roof!

Used in conjunction with our Armadillo+ roof tent it makes the perfect expedition combination and can still work out cheaper that a single roof tent from some of the another retailers.

The awning in action!

The 270 Shell is constructed in the following way:

Open size: 250 x 250 x 200cm
Or: 200 x 200 x 200cm
Body and Sides: 280grm Ripstop Polyester/Cotton,100% Water and Rot Proof with
double stitched and fully taped seams.
Poles: Aluminium Poles 6mm/25mm
Travel Cover: Heavy Duty PVC 1000G, 100% Waterproof and Rot proof.
Colours: Olive Green, Grey and Black and Sand
Optional extras:
Integral LED Strip Light

270 Degree Shell Awning 270     = £620.00
270 Degree Shell Awning Room =£485.00

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