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The Armadillo+ is the big brother of our first tent the Armadillo, we wanted to produce a larger truck based roof tent, longer in its construction the Armadillo+ is designed to permit bottom entry to the sleeping area, this extended overhang and bottom entry allow the user to attach a drop down annex or dressing room, again quality at a budget price was a priority, therefore the ARMADILLO+ was born.

The ARMADILLO+ in its 1.4m guise provides living space for two adults but is easily wide enough to accommodate three. Its construction utilises the best materials available and ensures that the Armadillo+ is strong yet lightweight; it’s more than a match for any of the more familiar branded tents on the market.

Armadillo4x4 Roof-Tent The use of an aluminium composite base with its integral insulation layer, ensures its strength and provides comfort for its occupants. Extensive work over the 2015 winter has increased this strength even more. An improved space frame adds rigidity to the whole structure making it strong enough for even the largest occupants.

The full height annex room offers additional accommodation for cooking or just as a dressing room; fitted rearwards the annex affords access to the rear door or tailgate and access to clothes or food alike. Mounted to the side of the vehicle it is equally as useful as a small living area away from the weather, the annex has access openings and windows all fitted with mosquito screens and roll up covers which can double as small awning, to facilitate this the annex room is supplied with two extending aluminium poles and guy ropes.

As part of Armadillos new ‘MODULAR’ concept the Armadillo+ annex room now includes a side door which provides direct undercover access to the sleeping quarters when used with any of our awning range, again a unique feature only available on the Armadillo Range of products.

The 280grm Ripstop Polyester-cotton construction is now further enhanced with a matching flysheet, the material used is 100% waterproof with a hydrostatic head of 3000mm, it is also fully treated with an anti-rot proof compound ensuring a long and useful life. This high tech 280grm canvas is widely recognised as the best material for this purpose, it has the required strength to weight ratio and ensures the occupant remains cool in hot climbs and retains heat in colder climbs, perfect for the more demanding environments.

The main body of the tent extends down past the base and provides a perfect weather strip forcing water to drip clear of the base, rather like a bell cast on a house.

Armadillo4x4 Roof-Tent The double stitched and fully taped seams ensure the tent remains100% waterproof irrespective of wind direction. The hitech materials used in construction and its design allow condensation to be vented whilst keeping the elements at bay, all of the tents tension points are reinforced with double thickness patches and heavy duty eyelets ensuring its long service.

Each opening has an integral mosquito mess screen keeping those unwanted night time guests at bay.

The aluminium superstructure provides strength without adding too much weight with Stainless bolts and fixings means that there is no fear of rust over time.

The mattress is made from high density polymer memory foam which insulates and supports the occupants, ensuring a cosy and comfortable night sleep whether you’re in the desert or in Sainsbury’s car park. The mattress is also fitted with a removable mattress cover which is fully machine washable.

Armadillo4x4 Roof-Tent

The handy storage compartments on the inside leave no doubt as to where things are in the dark of night, so no more scrabbling for that torch when nature calls. In addition our 2016 Armadillo+ includes ladder top storage nests, designed to stow shoes and wet gear before entering the tent. These storage nets allow the occupant to ascend the ladder wearing shoes and then to remove them before entering the sleeping quarters, shoes are then stowed in this handy location for use when descending the ladder.

The ARMADILLOs Unique ladder has been chosen to adapt to a variety of vehicle of different heights and is supplied as standard as a 2.6m unit, this covers most applications, unlike all of our competitors who use a variety of hinged ladders the ARMADILLOS aluminium telescopic design provides a rigid means of accessing the tent so, no more nervous climbs to bed after one too many sherbets! Despite the ladders stocky look and feel and its obvious strength its telescopic design ensures the smallest profile when stowed a clever touch We think you’ll agree.

Armadillo4x4 Roof-Tent

After use the ARMADILLO cleverly folds away, the ladder remains fixed aiding opening and closing of the tent when required, then simply folds flat onto the top of the unit, tension straps compress the tent and the whole thing is then covered by our 1000d heavy duty PVC weather cover, this cover differs from most because the ARMADILLO was designed with the UK in mind, we’ve include a heavy duty waterproof bi-directional zip and enhanced it with a Velcro sealed weather strip ensuring that even the wettest road trip doesn’t penetrate the cover.

Armadillo4x4 Roof-Tent

The ARMADILLO+ comes in two sizes 1.4m & 1.9m; all are constructed to the same high standard and to the latest UK and European fire retardant standards, a question which should be asked of other suppliers.

All in All the ARMADILLO range is quite simply ‘SUPERB’

All Armadillo products come with a full fitting kit and a repair kit, just in case you’re unfortunate enough to damage something.

Fitting Kit & Repair Kit

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The ARMADILLO Roof Tent PLUS consists of the following:

Open size: 300 x 140 x 130cm(height)



Poles: ALUMINUM POLE 6mm/25mm



Mattress: 6cm High Density foam Deforming sponge mattress, density 30

Travel Cover: Heavy Duty PVC 450G, 100% Waterproof and Rot proof

Colours: Available in Olive Green, Sand, grey and black.


1.4 wide = £1,430.00

1.9 wide = £1,600.00

Need more information or want to order this product? Contact us here.