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Armadillo Standard Awning

Armadillo4x4 Shell 270 AwningOur standard side awning is a simple roll out poly cotton awning and perhaps the most recognisable awning of them all, the standard awning is a simple 2m x 1.8m rectangular cover supported on an aluminium frame with two extendable support legs.

The Standard Awning fixes to the side of your vehicle in the same way as all of our awning range and when deployed covers a useful 2m x 1.8m a total 3.6m2, ample room for cooking or just lounging around in the shade.

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Armadillo Shell 270 Awning

Armadillo4x4 Shell 270 AwningThe shell awning is a must for anyone embarking on an expedition, the shell is adaptable, offering simple shade for that trailside break or in its complete form it transforms into a living space like no other.

The Shell fixes to the side of your vehicle and when deployed swings out and around to cover 2700deg, this gives effective cover to the side and to the rear tailgate access of the vehicle.

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