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The Jaguar Bushcraft Knife.

The Jaguar Bushcraft Knife.

We found this knife when we were looking for a handy tool for a trip to Morocco, being a lifelong Swiss Army Knife convert I was sceptical but when it arrive I was smitten, the first thing that becomes apparent is the weight, the full length tang gives the knife the feel of a much more expensive item, it’s beautifully crafted Rosewood grip is warm to the touch and offers the user excellent purchase whilst performing any task, a truly great tool and that’s just the knife, the box includes a high quality real leather scabbard and a spark stick also fitted with Rosewood handle, we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do and that it’ll become a vital piece of your Expedition Kit.

Knife features:

Sturdy stainless steel/wood construction
Real leather belt pouch
Rosewood grip
Full tang for extra strength
Half blade guard
Spark stick with lanyard included
Specially designed with Bushcraft & wild camping in mind
Leather pouch features :
Integrated belt loop
Secure slot for spark stick
Multiple lanyard attachment points


420A Stainless steel, Rosewood, Real leather

Blade Length:

Size Open:
L20 x W7.5 x D3.5cm

Fixed blade sheath knife comes in presentation box

0.225 kg

Price: £34.00